Is Chesterton Academy a Catholic School?


Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee is a non-diocesan, 501(c)(3) non-profit, private high school teaching the foundation of a classical academic curriculum.  It is administered and staffed by Catholic laymen and incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin. Independent of the Diocese of Milwaukee, the school is not an agency of and is in not connected or affiliated with the Diocese of Milwaukee. However, as faithful, practicing Catholics, the school board, administrators and full-time teachers joyfully sign an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium and a profession of faith to the Catholic Church.


“Is Chesterton Academy a Catholic School?” 

  1.  Chesterton Academy in Milwaukee does not claim to bear the name “Catholic” school (cf. canon 803).  It is a private school based on the initiatives of parents and individuals attracted to the classical education tradition.  Those involved in establishing Chesterton Academy take seriously their duty and right to promote such an undertaking as affirmed by canon law in canon 216 “even by their own undertakings.”  Faithful to the norm of canon 216 and 803, and always wishing to show deep respect toward our local archbishop, Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee does not claim to use the name “Catholic” and would only use the name “Catholic” with the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority.
  2. Chesterton Academy seeks to provide education for those families who are specifically attracted to an integrated, classical education deeply rooted in Catholic tradition.  In fact, every school day includes daily Mass and all faculty members are required to take an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium as condition of employment.
  3. Chesterton Academy does not seek to be in competition with other schools, but rather to provide another high school option for parents who in conscience have discerned that a rigorous classical education is the best way to fulfill their right and duty to educate their children (cf. canon 793 §1).