Student Gallery

Chesterton Academy student artwork from the Edina, MN school

A complete education must include the development of the child’s creative nature and must provide him with the tools and the technique with which to express his ideas, his feelings and his love. It must also include the analytical skills with which to judge a work of art and therefore must provide the continuous exposure to great art. Most importantly, the mechanical skills and the aesthetic aptitude must be put into the proper context of eternal Truth. A good artist is a complete thinker and vice versa. Chesterton says that in order to be a good artist, one must be a good philosopher: “A man cannot have the energy to produce good art without having the energy to wish to pass beyond it. A small artist is content with art; a great artist is content with nothing except everything.” The influence of the arts in today’s society cannot be overstated. This is why all the arts are mandatory at Chesterton Academy all four years.